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Eco-friendly guesthouse Hiriketiya for € 299,000

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Sold USD370,000 - Dev. | Comm., Hotels, Houses | Villas, Luxury Collection
43.24 Perches 5 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms Print

From a piece of jungle to a slice of paradise and just 200 m from one of Sri Lankas best swimming and surfing beaches, this artist-home has been built to the highest of standards. With a mix of concrete, recycled antique wood, beautiful tile and mosaics work, this property has been built with extraordinary attention to detail.

The property consists four beautifully appointed guest rooms with an open kitchen/living area on the first floor with expansive views into the surrounding forests. The fifth room is a separate wooden cabana with a private kitchen and veranda. Four of the rooms enjoy outdoor bathrooms where you can shower under the stars or watching monkeys play in the trees during the day. The lush gardens and terraces have been carefully created to fit in with the natural surroundings and compliment the abundant animal and bird life. This is a fully operational guesthouse with almost full occupancy and 5-star review.


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